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My journey to becoming a Functional Wellness Nurse started when I was 16 years old. I lost my second uncle to cancer, both of them age 39 when they died. It just didn't make sense to me. I became a nurse at age 22. I have truly loved being a part of so many patient's healing journeys, and sadly also caring for them during their most difficult struggles as they faced the end of their life's journey. I have always felt that this is what God designed me to do in my life's work. 

But deep down I always felt we were missing the mark in the medicine I and my peers were practicing. I questioned mainstream medicine mentality and standard of care treatment. I saw how money is really running the show in medicine, and a lot of health care is designed to keep us sick. I learned that most doctors have one hour of nutrition education in their medical school curriculum, and they are only taught the basics of preventative medicine. 

I've seen my family suffer due to the premature deaths of two of my funny, caring and adoring uncles. I've seen countless others suffer the loss of loved ones since then. I realize now that God has had me on this healer journey all along to bring me where I am today. He has always put the right people, education, and opportunities in front of me at the right time. We are in the middle of an unprecedented mental health crisis in our country. This alone makes me want to break the system apart and start over again. Everyone deserves to have a medical provider who, rather than just prescribing a pill, digs deeper, looks for underlying causes, and asks questions. I pray I can be that healer that God is using me for. I pray I can help as many people as possible find their health again. 

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